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Goldbar Town of Gold Bar

107 5th St
Gold Bar, WA 98251

Entertainment: Skiing, hiking, fishing, and rafting.

distance to
Work Seattle - 1hr
Everett - 40min
South Everett - 45min
Bellevue - 50min
Skiing 10min
Boating 10min

Distinctions:  Further up Highway 2, and surrounded on all four sides by the Cascade Mountains, is the riverside community of Gold Bar. As its name implies, Gold Bar was named after prospectors searching for gold along the Skykomish River and its tributaries in 1869.

 Gold Bar is situated in the center of the Skykomish River valley and is rich in recreational opportunities such as camping, fishing, tours of the State Fish Hatchery, and hiking. Nearby Wallace Falls State Park, located two miles north of Gold Bar, has a 7-mile loop trail leading to the spectacular 265-foot waterfall and panoramic views of the Skykomish River Valley