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darrington Town of Darrington

1005 Cascade St
PO Box 397
Darrington, WA 98241

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Entertainment: If you're considering a visit to Darrington, try to bring some binoculars and a camera because this is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. The Mountain Loop Magic trail and hiking guide is a great way to become familiar with the trails and other recreation opportunities in this area. A good place to start is the Darrington Ranger Station or the Sauk River Trading Post - both can provide lots of information about the incredible nature activities in the area. Other nearby activities include mountaineering and climbing, fishing, and rafting.

distance to
Work Seattle - 1hr 45min
Everett - 1hr
South Everett - 1hr 10min
Bellevue - 1hr 30min
Skiing 2hrs
Boating 5min

Distinctions:  Each summer the town hosts the world-renowned Darrington Bluegrass Festival, the Classic Rock Festival, an annual archery competition, a Wildflower Festival, and many other family-oriented activities and events. In addition to the town sports, Darrington boasts an archery range, several rafting guides and a whole bunch of really great people.