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brierBrier City Hall

Entertainment: Enjoy Brierfest, the area’s largest annual event, which begins with a parade at Brier Park on the first Saturday in August, and also the town’s annual December tree-lighting celebration.

distance to
Work Lynnwood / Bothell - 10min
Everett - 25min
South Everett - 15min
Seattle / Bellevue - 35min
Skiing 1hr 10min
Boating 20min

Distinctions: Brier is characterized by large, wooded, single-family home sites offering a quiet, small-town quality of life.  Parks and picnic areas are priorities, and horses are often given the right-of-way.  Although Brier does not have a commercial core, many residents run home-based businesses.

The philosophy of the City is to continue to retain and maintain the basic, original, spacious and semi-rural wooded character of the areas and to remain relatively small, simple and intimate with a minimum of regulation and taxation.