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Why Invest in the EDC?

The EDC of Snohomish County is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation.  We are community leaders pursuing the mission of economic vitality for Snohomish County through targeted recruitment, business expansion and retention, marketing and the formation of effective public/private partnerships.

The EDC’s vision is a strong, secure and diverse economic future for Snohomish County.  This will not occur without a long-term commitment by those choosing to take an interest in our success.  Tough economic times bring financial challenges to all of us.  However, in such times, it is even more important that our efforts and our funding are maintained so we are prepared for the turnaround.  Recessions are not sustainable.

If you value our community, we invite you to become an EDC Investor.

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For additional Information on becoming an Investor, please contact Tina Stryker at .