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As the clean technology industry grows nationwide, so it grows in Snohomish County. Some of this growth comes from new technologies and new companies, some from redefining existing activity that fits within the clean tech umbrella (green, sustainable, renewable).

A recent survey by the Washington State Employment Security Department found that Snohomish County has several thousand individuals employed in ''green jobs'' classified as ''the development and use of products and services that promote environmental protection and energy security.

The Clean Tech cluster in the Puget Sound region is composed of nine major industry catagories. Energy Generation and Distribution, Non-residential Construction, Manufacturing, Architectural Services, Engineering Services, Environmental Consulting, Research and Development, and recycling and Waste.

The Cleantech Group's Clean Tech Categories
Major Categories Description
Energy Generation
Wind, Solar, Hydro/Marine, Biofuels, Geothermal, Other
Energy Storage
Fuel Cells, Advanced Batteries, Hybrid Systems
Energy Infrastructure
Management, Transmission
Energy Efficiency
Lighting, Buildings, Glass, Other
Vehicles, Logistics, Structure, Fuels
Nano, Bio, Chemical, Other
Advanced Packaging, Monitoring and Control, Smart Production
Natural Pesticides, Land Management, Aquaculture
Water and Wastewater
Water Treatment, Water Conservation, Wastewater Treatment
Air and Environment
Cleanup/Safety, Emissions Control, Monitoring/Compliance, Trading/Offsets
Recycle and Waste
Recycling, Waste Treatment
Source: The Cleantech Group

The EDC is committed to promoting the Clean Tech industry in Snohomish County. For more information, please contact Ryan Crowther at .