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American Airlines to buy 42 Boeing 787s worth $8 billion

The Herald Reports-

American Airlines says it will buy 42 Boeing 787-9 jets as part of a move to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleet.

American said Wednesday it expects to get the planes delivered from 2012 through 2018. The airline says it has rights to buy up to 58 more 787s later on. The order is valued at about $8 billion at list prices.

American is the nation's largest airline, and about half its fleet is composed of fuel-guzzling MD-80 series jets. That became a big disadvantage when jet fuel spiked over $4 per gallon this summer.

Boeing has pushed back deliveries of its popular 787 Dreamliner by at least 15 months due to troubles with its global suppliers and production difficulties.


Systems analysts, computer programmers and engineering technicians. Mechanical, chemical, computer and electrical engineers. Product assemblers, material handlers and many others. The aerospace industry in Snohomish County is the epicenter of a highly skilled community of companies at the cutting edge of aviation innovation.

The backbone of Snohomish County’s aerospace dominance has long been the Boeing Co. Snohomish County is the proud home of Boeing’s largest commercial jetliner assembly operation. Boeing 747, 767 and 777 widebody jets move from a collection of components to the world’s best aircraft right here. Starting in the summer of 2007, the newest addition to this lineup is the fastest selling jet, the 787 Dreamliner.

Aerospace in Washington State is big business. Aerospace-related market activity is the nation’s largest export. Production of aircraft and parts accounts for roughly half of Snohomish County's manufacturing employment. One out of every three to six Washington State jobs is supported either directly or indirectly by the aerospace industry. Within Snohomish County alone, as many as 45,000 people are employed in this and related electronics industries.

Market potential for new commercial airplanes over the next twenty years remains high, and Snohomish County has the skilled and experienced aerospace workers to meet the demand. Snohomish County draws from a labor force of 1 million. Statewide, the Washington State labor force consistently ranks among the top five in the nation in terms of education, productivity and experience.

Snohomish County offers:

Skilled workforce

Advantageous location

Tax advantages

Snohomish County invites you to join its growing community of aerospace leaders.